Social Cognitive AI

She Listens Deeply To What Matters

Astra is able to hear what's being said from around the world.

She then translates what has been picked up into accurate and measurable data for you.


Sentiment Analysis

  • Huge volume of data can hide important insights and distort perceptions.

  • Meaningful data which carries positive or negative opinions and emotions can be separated and aggregated using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Our technology is able to accurately quantify the sentiments and identify the weightage of each sources of data using proven algorithms.

  • This helps identify the source of top negative and positive news, influencers and discussions.

Making Sense of Emotions, Digitally.



Extract the emotional undertone from conversations about you or your product.



Identifies emotional triggers, which indicates your course of action to drive sales.



Strategise your creative communications according to emotional patterns to maximise marketing results.

Home Improvement


Continuously analyse and measure the response between your customers' behaviour and business results.

"Astra Speaks Our Mother Tongue"

  • Social media consist of people speaking all sorts of languages, which sometimes brings along unstructured urban slangs and acronyms.

  • Astra's ability to process and understand conversations in multiple languages through the use of urban dictionaries, language lexicons and advance machine learning.

Astra Is Built For:

  • Brand Building

  • Digital Marketing

  • Crisis Management

Hey Astra

The Greatest Listener

Astra listens to conversations that are important to you, and tells you what they are about, and how they are feeling about it.

The World Is Your Ocean

Astra is not bound by geographical boundaries. Astra listens to anything, anywhere, that's of relevance to your objectives.

The Polygot

Astra understands many languages including their own day-to-day unique slangs. This ability removes communication boundaries for you.


Listening to what matters

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